Professional Medical Care in Your Home or Office

The Mobile IV Hawaii services provides nutritional and restoration IV’s for travelers, locals and company events at your location. We have been providing IV services for over 15 years as Hawaii’s original IV therapy provider at our fixed location. Accept only the best for your IV nutritional needs. We come to you at your hotel, home, event or office to provide you intravenous therapy.

Custom IV's for each patient.
Qualified medical staff.
The best care for all of our patients.

Emergency Hangover Cure

 Dehydration Headaches Nutritional Depletion Chills or Fever Muscle Aches & Pains Anxiety Stomach Nausea Fatigue & Weakness Concentration Difficulties Inability to Sleep Dizziness Trembling Depression & Moodiness Excessive Thirst

Marathons & Sporting Events

Hydration Nutrient Replenishment Vitamin Replenishment Recovery from Marathon Sports Preparation Energy Boost Treatment of Aches & Pains Vitashot Cocktail Skin Whitening Anti-aging Reduce Inflammation

Cold & Flu Sickness

Hydration Alleviate Headache Alleviate Muscle Aches Reduce Inflammation Nutrient Replenishment Vitamin Replenishment Immune System Boost Energy Boost Treatment of Nausea

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