Hangover ChemistryWhat Causes Hangover?

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Study of Hangover Symptoms

Hangovers have been studied extensively including the development of the (HSS) Hangover Symptom Scale

Hydration for a Hangover

Such common and well known symptoms such as headache, dry mouth, clouded thinking, muscle aches and pain are all recognized even by non-medical professionals. Much of this is due to increased urination, as alcohol is a diuretic (causes you to pee your nutrients out). It is thought the fluid replacement with IV hydration rapidly, as in IVs helps with hydration When nutrient vitamins and minerals are added these fluids are the loss minerals and vitamins replenished rapidly as well.

Hangover Inflammation

Another factor is the inflammation which is caused by the alcohol itself. It is toxic to the cells and they do not like being irritated so they respond with release of certain factors which cause inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, aspirin can be helpful for the symptoms caused by inflammation. However these can also cause stomach irritation which after consuming a lot of alcohol your stomach has been through enough.

Anti-Nausea Medication for Hangover

We do offer anti-inflammatory medical through the intravenous form so that it will bypass the stomach and decrease the chances of further stomach upset. We also have IV anti-nausea medication we can provide to decrease the post hangover nausea.

However the FDA has not approved a particular therapy to cure hangovers as is a multifactorial problems with lots of actual causes. Yet common sense dictates that if you are dehydrated IV fluids will correct that condition. Thus is the theory behind IV hangover cures.

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Hangover Science & Chemistry
What happens to your body when you have a hangover? What parts of your body are affected the most from a hangover or binge drinking? What are the symptoms of a bad hangover? What is the worst that can happen as a result of a hangover? What happens when you drink too much?