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How to Treat Your Hangover Now

Intravenous (IV) Therapy for the treatment of hangovers and the symptoms related to the consumption of alcohol. The Hangover IV can provide relief from dehydration, fatigue, nausea, headache, dry mouth, lack of appetite and drowsiness. This price includes medications so no extra cost like others. What are the symptoms of a hangover and why do they happen? Find out more about the science of the hangover.

Emergency Hangover Cure Honolulu

Hawaii’s best emergency hangover cure is IV therapy from our Hangover Doc at Mobile IV Therapy Hawaii! What is a Hangover Doc? Don’t even leave your bed, we come to you with the relief from your hangover. Get rid of the crushing headache. Get out of bed without the aching body. Get your appetite back without the stomach aches, nausea and the fear of vomiting. Best of all, super hydrate your entire body and top off your fluids straight to the bloodstream so you dont look like you aged 10 years last night. The hangover IV is designed to replenish the nutrients and fluid one loses during drinking alcohol. This IV drip is designed to replace lost fluids caused by the diuretic effect of alcohol. In other words alcoholic beverages cause excess urination (diuresis) and the vitamins and minerals literally wash out of your body.

Rehydrate & Revitalize

So what we do is replace these lost fluids, vitamins and minerals and rapidly to reverse the hangover state. The fastest and most direct route is through your veins with the our specially formulated Hangover IV which was developed by our team. That direct replacement allows these nutrients to get to your cells as quickly as possible. That way you feel better as quickly as possible. The Hangover IV contains the B-vitamin family as well as other vitamins and minerals to rapidly restore your balance lost by a night of drinking. We will bring this directly to your home and administration takes less than an hour. For severe headaches or nausea we have medications which will alleviate these conditions.

Proactive health is just plain smart. Boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, clear the fog and clean out your body with IV Vitamin therapy.

Here is a list of simple and easy hangover tips and things to do to avoid a hangover after heavy drinking. If your already doing all of these things to avoid a hangover but your still unable to get things done, then give us a call or book an online IV and we will make everything better again!

Mobile Hangover IV & Emergency Hangover Cure
Mobile Hangover IV & Emergency Hangover Cure

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