Cold & Flu IV Therapy Choose from 3 Formulas

Fast Relief from Cold, Flu or Covid

Three levels 1, 2, 3 Increasing Amounts of Boosters.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy for the treatment of Cold & Flu. The Cold & Flu IV can provide relief from muscle and body aches, headache and fatigue as well as boost immunity and speed up the recovery process.

Runny nose, stuffy feeling perhaps nausea and vomiting got you down? Have our medical staff visit you at your room or apartment and administer the fix me up cocktail and hydrate you with our cold and flu IV.

Immune Boosting Formula

This formula is designed to replace the fluids, vitamins and minerals lost due to illness. Remember doctors always say during illness to drink plenty of fluids. Well if your stomach cannot take the fluids then what better way than to give them directly to your system intravenously. This formula contains Ascorbic Acid,B-100 Complex *Dexpanthenol, Pyridoxin Calcium Folinate, Hydroxocobalamin, Taurine, Carnitine, Zinc, Selenium, immune system boosters. Although we cannot give your mother’s chicken soup, we will provide the next best thing, an immune boosting IV formulation to help you get over that flu or cold as quickly as possible. Additional medications are available after physician exam at your location to decrease your suffering.

So why wait book a cold and flu IV today and quit feeling so lousy.

Proactive health is just plain smart. Boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, clear the fog and clean out your body with IV Vitamin therapy.

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Cold & Flu IV 1

Formula 1 – $375.00


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Cold & Flu IV 2

Formula 2 – $400.00


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Cold & Flu IV 3

Formula 3 – $425.00