Jetlag IV Therapy$350.00 Duration 1 Hour

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Jetlag & Airplane Sickness

Jetlag is the physiological condition in which the body’s circadian rhythms are temporarily altered and is a common affliction here for those traveling to and from the island. Many of us fly for work and/or pleasure and the insomnia and fatigue that jetlag brings on can negatively affect our busy schedules. Our IVs are custom-formulated to give you energy and hydration and quickly settle you back onto your normal sleep-wake cycle without the annoying transition period. This IV therapy can also be utilized by PM workers whose sleep schedules have been disrupted by crazy work hours.

Reduce Fatigue and Boost Energy

Our Jetlag IV therapy is composed of fluids to quickly rehydrate the body due to the long hours spent in the dry un-humidified airplane cabins and combat dehydration. It also includes B-complex vitamins to help with energy and reduce fatigue, and Zinc and Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and fight off the cold and flu that often comes with traveling and stress.

Proactive health is just plain smart. Boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, clear the fog and clean out your body with IV Vitamin therapy.

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